Oblate Program

What is an Oblate?

An oblate is a lay or clerical, single or married person formally associated with a particular monastery. Community of Divine Love Oblates seek to deepen their commitment  to love and serve God through a personal and spiritual relationship with the order, adapting to their lives the Benedictine principles on which the monks base their common life.  The oblate looks to the Community of Divine Love for encouragement and inspiration and seeks to live a life of prayer and service.

What do Oblates do?

Using the CDL Oblate Rule as a guide, oblates will write and follow their own individual expression of the CDL Oblate Rule of Life which expresses a commitment to a faithful discipleship. The Rule helps us to keep a steady and committed focus on the Divine through prayer, service and study: striving to see God in all things.  Under the direction of the CDL Oblate Director, oblates will stay in regular communication with the community, be invited to attend annual oblate retreats, support the community in mutual prayer, and assist the community in other ways that are reasonable and good.

How do I become an Oblate?

After studying the CDL Oblate Rule of Life, if it is your desire to become an oblate, you will meet with the Oblate Director to review your life circumstances and intention. The Oblate Director may then direct you to create and submit your individual Rule.

After your Rule has been reviewed and accepted by the Oblate Director, you will then begin the six month period of putting into practice the disciplines outlined in The Rule of the Oblate of Community of Divine Love, having adapted them to your particular life circumstances. 

After the six month probationary period, you may be admitted as an Oblate during a worship service at the community and presented with a distinctive cross. 

The Community of Divine Love will include Oblates in their prayer cycle and offer ongoing spiritual support and times of retreat.